Indian edition of Jesus Messiah: languages A-G



A playlist with film-clips was created in YouTube from some of the minority languages.

You can read the Jesus Messiah (JM-) picturebook in these languages:

Books listed alphabetical are from these languages A-G:

  1. Adilabad Gondi
  2. Aheri-Gondi
  3. Ahirani
  4. Aimol
  5. Assam
  6. Baiga
  7. Bangla/Bengali
  8. Banjara/Lambadi
  9. Bhojpuri (Bihari)
  10. Bodo
  11. Chakma (Eastern Nagari script)
  12. Chakma (Roman script)
  13. Chamari
  14. Chaudhari/Chodri
  15. Dhivehi
  16. English + studyguide + Lion of Judah
  17. Gamit
  18. Garo (Roman script)
  19. Gondi Northern
  20. Gowlan

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You can download Sunday school (SG-)lesson guide based on the Jesus Messiah book in English 

You can download the Gospel of Mark (Mark-) illustrated with the Jesus Messiah pictures in English