Jesus Messiah media products

Willem de Vink created this graphic novel book in 1993.

You can order the Jesus Messiah book  in a number of languages at his webshop gracefactory


From this website you can freely watch or download digital media based on the book:

Videos (English examples): 2 languages available: English and Arab.

- Pictures of the comics.

- Install apps from the Google Playstore: 21 languages available or visit developpers page:

      all apps:                             English app:

developers' page

- PDF books (grouped according to continent/region and country/language),

a. Graphic novel comic book, in English called "Jesus Messiah": over 140 languages available.

b. Bible lesson plan based on "Jesus Messiah", with 34 lessons: 4 languages available: Dutch, French, English and Indonesian.

c. Gospel of Mark illustrated with these and other comic pictures:  2 languages available: Indonesian and Malay (no English). 


download instructions:

- If you want to translate the "Jesus Messiah" comic into another language,  please contact us for more details.

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