Indonesia Book Download Page

You can read the Jesus Messiah (JM-) picturebook in these languages:

  1. Arab comic book / Arab film-clips
  2. Bahasa Indonesia (Yesus) (/ install  Android app) (/ install Apple store) / Bahasa Indonesia film-clips
  3. Bahasa Indonesia  (Isa) comic book (/ install app)
  4. English editions (/ install app) / 34 bible lessonsEnglish film-clips /  Gospel of Mark (/ install app)
  5. Malayu Aru comic book
  6. Sasak Mataram comic book (/ install app
  7. Sasak Utara comic book (/ install app)

you can also download

  1. Lessons: English 34 Bible study lessons (SG-) book or in Indonesian 
  2. Lessons: "My best friend"20 lesson (SG-) book or in Indonesian 
  3. Watch the Jesus Messiah film-clips: ( SABDA website)
  4. Download or read the illustrated Gospel of Mark in English (Mark-), or AMD or AYT or AVB 
  5. Download Gospel of Mark in Indonesian from Mac App Store 
  6. There are over 60 downloads for Android in Indonesian minority languages that also have the Gospel of Mark illustrated with the Jesus Messiah pictures:

Bahasa Suku Gospel of Mark:


Siapakah Dia Yesus Mesias (Bahasa Indonesia)

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