Nepal Book Download Page

You can read the Jesus Messiah (JM-) picturebook in these languages:

  1. Arab comic book / Arab film-clips
  2. Bhojpuri (Bihari) comic book / Bhojpuri film-clips
  3. Dzongkha (Roman script) comic book
  4. Dzongkha (Uchen script) comic book
  5. English comic book / English film-clips
  6. Lepcha (Devanagari) comic book / Lepcha devanagari film-clips
  7. Lepcha (Roman) comic book / Lepcha roman film-clips
  8. Limbu comic book
  9. Maitheli (Bihari) comic book
  10. Mundari (Devanagari script) comic book / Mundari Bengali film-clips
  11. Mundari (Mundari Bani script) comic book
  12. Nepali comic book / Nepali film-clips
  13. Rajbanshi/Rajbangshi/Rangpuri comic book / Rajbongshi film-clips
  14. Sherpa (Devanagari script)  comic book / Sherpa film-clips
  15. Surjapuri comic book / Surjapuri film-clips
  16. Tamang comic book
  17. Thangmi/Thami (India, Nepal) comic book
  18. Vaddar/Waddar (India, Nepal, Pakistan) comic book

You can download in English (Sunday school lesson guide(SG-)) or in French (D'étude de la Bible sur la base de Jésus le Messie(SG-)) based on the Jesus Messiah book 

You can download the Gospel of Mark (Mark-) illustrated with the Jesus Messiah pictures in English

You can watch the Nepali film-clips: watch, Several other Nepali minority languages (YouTube)