Togo Book Download Page

You can read the Jesus Messiah (JM-)picturebook in these languages:

  1. Aja / Adja / Ajagbe (Benin, Togo) comic book
  2. Arab comic book / Arab film-clips
  3. Bassar / Ntcham (Togo, Ghana) comic book
  4. English editions (/ install app) / 34 bible lessons / English film-clips Gospel of Mark (/ install app)
  5. Éwé (Ghana, Togo) comic book
  6. Fon / Fongbe (Benin, Nigeria, Togo) comic book /  Fon film
  7. French comic book (/ install app) French film-clips / Guide d'étude
  8. Gangam / Ngangam (Togo, Benin) comic book
  9. Kabiyé (Togo, Benin, Ghana) comic book
  10. Komba / Likoonli (Ghana, Togo) comic book
  11. Lama (Togo, Benin) comic book
  12. Moba (Togo, Ghana) comic book
  13. Nawdm (Togo) comic book
  14. Sola / Miyobe (Benin, Togo) comic book
  15. Tem (Togo, Ghana, Benin) comic book
  16. Yoruba (Nigeria, Benin, Togo) comic book

You can download in English (Sunday school lesson guide(SG-)) or in French (D'étude de la Bible sur la base de Jésus le Messie(SG-)) based on the Jesus Messiah book 

You can download the Gospel of Mark (Mark-) illustrated with the Jesus Messiah pictures in English