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Jesus Messiah Picturebook

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Willem de Vink created this Christian graphic novel book in 1993 drawing and telling the story of Jesus Christ, the man from Nazereth.

The media is published under the Creative Commons SA-BY  agreement. 

A limited number of Jesus Messiah picturebook editions can be ordered at webshop gracefactory   or Donate

Any otherJesus Messiah edition may be given for free or sold locally, published locally and may be sold-out. Feel free to reprint from the pdf book from this website or request the original typesetting files.

From this website you can freely watch, share, download or print the digital PDF books or media based on the bible stories of the Jesus Messiah book (website is organized by continent, country and language and year of publication (if multiple versions)

 The Graphic novel comic book is called "Jesus Messiah ": over 260 editions (growing number...) available in 250 languages.

For publishing this book in your language: request the A4 size excel translation template.

Education  materials based on the Jesus Messiah book drawings and stories were created for education purposes. 

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