Bloom Library

Many languages lack books. Creating books takes some skills. To create more books, the Bloom project was started a few years ago. 

An easy way to make Jesus Messiah books yourself is to use SIL's free Bloom software.

The Bloom software gives tools to quickly expand the number of books in your language based on a pre-defined book or "shell"- book . They are free to download.

These books includes all the original texts and all the pictures. A new book can can be scaled into different page formats.

It is even easy to add audio into your digital books, "the talking books". 

Thousands of  books in many langauges were uploaded in this library and they have clearly marked copyright like this ones: SA=Share Alike. The library can be found here:

You also can create a digital book in your own language based on another language, below from english. These small digital books are based on the "Jesus Messiah picturebook", the original comic book was split into 20 story lines:

A special shelf is created to find all the different editions in several languages for these 20 small Jesus Messiah books. You can also use the direct links from the list below to preview a PDF if you did not install the Bloom software.

Translate from  a source language:

English Source language and English example of the book

1 Jesus, the Messiah #1: Here Comes Jesus! read
2 Jesus, the Messiah #2: The Invisible Battle read
3 Jesus, the Messiah #3: The Miracle at Cana read
4 Jesus, the Messiah #4: Follow Me! read
5 Jesus, the Messiah #5: Healed! read
6 Jesus, the Messiah #6 The Power of Jesus read
7 Jesus, the Messiah #7 The Mission read
8 Jesus, the Messiah #8 More Miracles! read
9 Jesus, the Messiah #9 Who is Jesus? read
10 Jesus, the Messiah #10: The Untouchables read
11 Jesus, the Messiah #11: Lazarus Dies read
12 Jesus, the Messiah #12: The Plot read
13 Jesus, the Messiah #13: Danger! read
14 Jesus, the Messiah #14: The Last Supper read
15 Jesus, the Messiah #15: Arrested! read
16 Jesus, the Messiah #16: The Execution read
17 Jesus, the Messiah #17: Jesus Lives! read
18 Jesus, the Messiah #18: The Appearances read
19 Jesus, the Messiah #19: Powerful Witnesses read
20 Jesus, the Messiah #20: The History of Jesus read


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