Summary of Indian editions of Jesus Messiah books


website: Comic books listed by Indian State 

All Books/film-clips are listed by language (alphabetical):

  1. Adilabad Gondi comic book
  2. Aheri-Gondi comic book
  3. Ahirani comic book
  4. Aimol comic book
  5. Assam comic book
  6. Baigani comic book
  7. Bangla/Bengali comic book / Bengali film-clips
  8. Banjara/Lambadi comic book
  9. Bhili (India) (Devanagari script) comic book
  10. Bhojpuri (Bihari) comic book / Bhojpuri film-clips
  11. Bodo comic book / Bodo film-clips
  12. Chakma (Eastern Nagari script) comic book
  13. Chakma (Roman script) comic book
  14. Chamari comic book
  15. Chaudhari/Chodri comic book
  16. Chepang (India, Nepal) comic book
  17. Dhivehi comic book
  18. Dhurwa comic book
  19. English  comic book + studyguide + Lion of Judah comic book / English-Indian film-clips
  20. Gamit comic book
  21. Garo (Roman script) comic book / Garo film-clips
  22. Gondi Northern comic book
  23. Gowlan comic book
  24. Halbi comic book
  25. Hill Madiya comic book
  26. Hindi comic book / Hindi film-clips Download Android Jesus Messiah app
  27. Hmar comic book
  28. Ho comic book
  29. Kabui/Inpui comic book
  30. Kham Magar/ Western Parbate Kham (India, Nepal) comic book
  31. Khasi comic book
  32. Kholchi-Vasavi comic book
  33. Kokborok comic book
  34. Kom comic book
  35. Konda Dora comic book
  36. Konyak comic book
  37. Korku comic book
  38. Koya comic book
  39. Kui comic book
  40. Kupia comic book
  41. Kurukh comic book / Kurukh film-clips
  42. Kuvi comic book
  43. Lamkang (India, Myanmar) comic book
  44. Lepcha (Devanagari) comic book / Lepcha devanagari film-clips
  45. Lepcha (Roman) comic book / Lepcha roman film-clips
  46. Limbu comic book
  47. Mahali comic book / Mahali film-clips
  48. Maitheli (Bihari) comic book
  49. Mal Paharia (Malto) comic book / Malto film-clips
  50. Malvi comic book
  51. Marathi comic book
  52. Meitei comic book
  53. Mising comic book
  54. Molsom comic book
  55. Mundari (Devanagari script) comic book / Mundari Bengali film-clips
  56. Mundari (Mundari Bani script) comic book
  57. Nagamese comic book
  58. Nepali comic book / Nepali film-clips
  59. Nimadi comic book
  60. Odia comic book
  61. Paite comic book
  62. Pangwali comic book
  63. Paniya (Malayalam script) comic book
  64. Paniya (Tamil script) comic book
  65. Pnar-Jaiñtia comic book
  66. Powari comic book
  67. Rajbanshi comic book / Rajbongshi film-clips
  68. Rathwi comic book
  69. Rava comic book / Rava film-clips
  70. Sadri comic book / Sadri film-clips
  71. Sambalpuri comic book
  72. Santhali comic book / Santhali film-clips
  73. Sherpa comic book / Sherpa film-clips
  74. Surjapuri comic book / Surjapuri film-clips
  75. Tamang comic book
  76. Tarao comic book
  77. Telugu comic book
  78. Thangkhul Naga comic book
  79. Thangmi/Thami (India, Nepal) comic book
  80. Thulung Rai (India, Nepal) comic book
  81. Toto comic book / Toto film-clips
  82. Urdu comic book
  83. Vaddar/Waddar (India, Nepal, Pakistan) comic book
  84. Vaghri (Pardhi) comic book
  85. Vasava/Bhili (India)(Gujarati script) comic book
  86. Vasavi comic book
  87. Yamphu (India, Nepal) comic book
  88. Zeme comic book

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Based on the Jesus Messiah comics film-clips were created, summary page: all film-clips


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